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Social Media Real Estate Marketing

Putting a listing on the MLS is great but that alone may not be enough to sell the property.  Here's how to easily maximize the effectiveness of marketing on social media with the tools we provide. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are the top three with YouTube in fourth place for effectively marketing real estate.  Here, we’ll look at getting started with Facebook and Instagram.

Grow a Following

To build a following, you schedule times to post on your accounts Monday-Friday, between 9am and 3pm.  For each active listing, plan to post twice per day on FB and IG, within that 9am-3pm window.  Weekend postings tend to be ineffective so we suggest you focus on other areas during weekends.


Everything we provide can be used with FB.  The landing page, virtual tour and video links can be copied and pasted directly into a new post.  Social media posts are where you want to use your branded versions.  One of your two daily posts should be a “story” post and the other a normal “feed” post.  You’ll be posting 10x per week per listing so organization is going to be helpful to avoid posting the same pic twice in a row.  Each time you post, check for comments and reply.  Consistently replying to comments makes your account more engaging and effective.  For maximum effect, do a 3-5 minutes “live” post every weekday from your computer or from within the Facebook app on your phone


Instagram posting should be structured similarly to Facebook, with one normal post and one “story” post per listing per day and going “live'' a couple times per week.  There are critical differences between the two.  First, you can’t post the landing page or virtual tour directly on IG.  You can post pics or videos and include a link to the landing page in each post.  The second critical difference is that there is no easy way to go “live” in IG from your computer or laptop.  It can be done through the use of mobile phone emulators like BlueStack or a streaming app but it’s much simpler to do so from the app on your phone.

Leverage your Network

Leverage the industry contacts you’ve already established by following their accounts and asking them to follow yours.  When you post a new listing, they’ll have an opportunity to check it out and see if it’s a good match for buyers they’re currently working with.  They may also share on their account which gets it in front of even more eyes. 

Investing 15 minutes per weekday per active listing into your social media marketing is a worthwhile investment.  As time goes by and your following grows, the benefits can grow exponentially and provide both buyer and seller leads and, ultimately, lead to higher bids and quicker closings.  When you reach the point where you have so many active listings that you simply don’t have enough time in your day to stay on top of your social media, you can easily find auto-posting software to help simplify your routine or even contract with a social media manager.

Invest in your Future Success

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